Step by Step – Run Flee Horror


Step by Step is a casual arcade game designed with cute and lovely pixel art.
The concept of this game is to run away from Jason who is watching for an opportunity to attack the girl who lost her way.
The game’s goal is to live as long as possible while not being caught by the chasing Jason.

This game has an applied unique game-play method that users can go forward only diagonally by using left or right tapping gestures.


  • Extremely simple One-Touch play with one hand.
  • You can only move diagonally step by step and go forward by tapping left or right while avoiding empty spaces.
  • After some time, Jason appears with darkness and chases you.
  • You must run away from him and not let him catch you. This will let you get a high score.
  • You can use the “fill” item to make new road when you’re faced with the end of the road and the “ice” item to freeze Jason for a moment.