Runner Run – Fun Paint Color


A runner game, the object being to paint all the tiles while running. Its game-play is similar to the classic game ‘Snake’, in which the player moves forward and turns by ninety degrees. There are many stages consisting of various layouts. It employs extremely simple one-touch play using one hand, in time with the rhythmic background music.


  • Runner move forward automatically and you can change the direction 360 degrees by tapping left or right. ( It turns 90 degrees at a time.)
  • Tap on the right side to turn clockwise and tap on left side to turn counter-clockwise.
  • Its goal is painting all the tiles to one colour.
  • Be careful not to fall to the empty holes. It appears and disappears randomly.
  • The speed will get faster and faster as the more tiles are filled.
  • You can go next stage after all the tiles are painted.