Fez – The Maze City


Cute cubes with different patterns found their way into the complex maze of the city.
A brain puzzle game where you make the way for the cubes to coexist in the map and arrive safely at their destination!
Meet ‘Fez – The Maze City’!

Simple controls and challenging waves that will stimulate your brain

  • While they coexist, guide the cubes with different patterns through the maze changing the direction of the arrows with a simple touch.
  • Before you set the direction with the arrow, you should always check the cube’s pattern and the pattern of the destination.
  • Cube will move faster and faster. Show your hability to think quickly and move the arrows appropriately to save the endless falling cubes.

Unique and attractive graphics

  • Unlike other Cube games, it features unique and attractive block toy graphics and cubes with different patterns.
  • Futuristic toy block design and background music.
  • Enjoy the well-designed cubes with different patterns and try to make them coexist in the map without bumping into each other.

A puzzle game that demands the hability to think quickly, improvisation and prediction skills!

  • Test your improvisation skills as well as your hability to think quickly.
  • How many cubes with different patterns can be saved? Become a puzzle master by making them coexist in the map while challenging the waves again and again.
  • Challenge infinite rank competition with global users! Who will be the one the player with the hability to think quicker?