Jump Jump Cube


It is time to start a new and fresh jumping cube game! Play a very simple yet fun arcade jumping action game where cute cubes avoid obstacles with Pole vault runs!

■ Simple and extremely fun
* Adjust the length of the stick with a simple touch, release the finger to let the cube vault over the obstacle.
* Adapt the length of the pole depending on the obstacle. Display your nimble fingers ability!
* Feel the thrill as you successfully pass obstacles more and more challenging.

■ Unique and attractive Visuals.
* Unique and attractive graphics that differs from other Cube games.
* Dive into a futuristic and colorful universe.
* Chose in a large and diverse wardrobe of wonderful costumes for your cube.

■ Easy to Play, Hard to Master!
* Challenge yourself to the extreme limit of your abilities.
* Become a master of the game bring your cube to the highest levels.
* Challenge your skills and face talented players from all over the world.

Now, enjoy the new kind of jump game with ‘Jump Jump Cube’!