Crossy Cube


Your friend Cube is having a hard time to cross a street due to heavy traffic.
Let’s help the cube across the street! The cube can move fast or slow depending on car’s speed.

■ Simple play but crazy thrills!
* Touch left on your screen to slow down cube’s speed or touch right on the screen to accelerate speed.
* Don’t trust drivers on the busy street. They might suddenly speed up!
* Hold your breath when your cube crosses the street! Don’t get hit by cars.

■Unique graphic design
* It’s a brand-new Cube game that you haven’t experienced from other games!
* Enjoy futuristic cube designs and fun background music
* Various costumes for your Cube is waiting for you.

■Endless-challenge mode
* Test how far your cube can go.
* Become a master of Crossy Cube.
* Be the best on world-ranking to show off your skills!