BlocKing : light in the dark


BlocKing is a unique interactive work of art that mixes beautiful graphics well with fine music.

It is simple and easy to control, but requires quick prospective judgment of directions of falling objects according to changes in physics and gravity, so it is a strongly addictive casual arcade game in which the player gets immersed gradually.

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- Free to play
- Stunning 3D gaphics ( realtime light, pretty particles, fast shader )
- Gamecenter leaderboards
- Smooth physics
- Very simple and easy controls
- Various obstacles and special objects


- Attain scores by predicting the direction of objects falling irregularly.
- Falling objects may change direction if it meets an obstacle in the process.
- Tap to break objects that have a special function.
- You can be the best by acquiring the highest score.
- Unlimited play mode.